In this microsite you’ll find examples of what we are capable of and video material of real clients and projects done. Please, feel free to reach out in case you need more details about a project.

Video Production

La Dolfina Wines

Adolfo Cambiaso is considered the best Polo player in the history of this sport. And we run the global marketing strategy of their wine licensing division. In this case, we produce all the video ads and content distribution for the brand. The following video was made from scratch as a teaser before launching the new wine brand and was made from free video bank image plus public domain polo team’s video footage.


A series of videos filmed in Japan, for our client SOTO Sake, a super-premium product with a clean, smooth taste that captures the rice’s natural sweetness. One of the top American brands of the traditional alcoholic beverage.  


Emprendedores Argentinos Asociación Civil had its 20th Anniversary as one of the most important startups non-profit ONG and we were in charge of filming and editing all that history in video.

Pundit Arena

The brand is one of the most visited sports news media sites in Ireland. We made this video to present their startup spin-out of the company completely from free stock images, even without any UX/UI from the app, that had to be designed achocolatada for the video.


Is a global award-winning workertech startup for which we created several video content and presentation. This video was made during pandemic quarantine from their own mobile audio and video shooting. 

TMW Andex Group  

The video was made from mobile shooting (but with professional audio) during a visit to a winery. TMW and Andex Group work in China developing international comes and the video was prepared for Chinese costumers.

AL-Invest European Union

This video was presented during the annual report of the Chamber of Commerce. The challenge was to make a professional video from low-fi mobile pictures and shootings from dozens of different non-profits and SME’s.

Adapting Content


Is a fintech company dedicated to equity crowdfunding for startups that applies throughout NFT’s acting shares in a blockchain. From our social media strategy, we organize Twitter Spaces every week and then, with that material, we prepare social video posts and podcasts to adapt and distribute that content to the “crowders” audience.

World Cup 

When Nippy was selected as a finalist, the live streaming with the jury was +2 hours long. To distribute the content in an attractive format we adapted all the videos from that Zoom meeting and match them with other related footage.

Social Video Ads

ADNSUR is a news media company with +3 million visitors every month and thousands of followers on their social media. We made the complete ads campaign to promote their newsletter, podcasts, and WhatsApp news channel with dozens of video ads like these.


We look forward to co-create together.

Made with Love in Latin America